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Quite simply ‘water’

on January 15, 2014

water theme game 15 jan 2014


This week’s #TheThemeGame from The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘water’.  Here are my thoughts on the stuff otherwise known as H2O:


Wiping the dirt from my wellies, I’m simply soaking wet,

Wondering what tomorrow will bring, we simply don’t know yet.


Away from my family for another day,

They’re always supportive, they never say,


“Time you stayed home to look after us,

Time you stayed here for cuddles and fuss.”


Each of them know that wherever I go,

Others need help and you never know,


When nature will turn on you, show you who’s boss,

And that’s when we’ll need the British Red Cross.


By Carol Cameleon


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Main blog picture source: via pinterest

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10 responses to “Quite simply ‘water’

  1. Lovely poem, and yes, we never know when we might need that help. Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  2. You managed to pack a lot of emotions into that little poem. Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. lisaslife1970 says:

    Great poem; love the photo too :) #thethemegame

  4. Mummy Says says:

    Love it! wonderful post and photo x

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