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Is it a play or a tragedy?

on January 29, 2014

play theme game

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This week’s #TheThemeGame with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘play’. Why not join in? It’s a tragedy not to…

I must try to see more quality Shakespeare.

After a brief chat with my Mum about a poor production of ‘Hamlet’, it got me to thinking of an excellent film adaptation I saw years ago.  Mel Gibson was Hamlet and Helena  Bonham-Carter was Ophelia.  Having studied ‘Hamlet’ at A-level too many years ago to be specific, I can remember a handful of quotes from the play.  I’m sure I’ll remember them to my dying day. Not so much because of the duration of my study or technique but because of my fascination with, and love of, The Bard.  It would be so lovely if our little bear enjoys the arts.  She already loves watching the pantos on CBeebies and reading.  I also hope that when she starts school, her teachers nurture her love of making up stories.  She has ‘written’ a wonderful little story not so long ago, which we managed to get down on the ipad for preservation.  It would be great to publish it one day soon.

Back to Shakespeare.  One memory of my English A-level days is the difficulty I had in translating my understanding of the themes and structure into an essay of above average standard.

A fantastic teacher, Mrs Walker, gave up a handful of her lunchtimes out of the goodness of her literature-filled heart and nurtured a few of us on how to breakdown the points of a play and then expand the points into a structured essay that makes sense.  She truly was an inspiration.  Like the quotes, I will never forget her passion and patience.  A good teacher really can bring out the best in you.

Back to The Bard ~ I do love a bit of Shakespeare.  In fact Olde English literature such as Ben Jonson (‘Volpone’) and of course Geoffrey Chaucer (‘The Miller’s Tale) were both works of literature that gripped me and I thoroughly enjoyed breaking each scene down, and down again into intricate studies.

The language, the double entendres, the wit, the sarcasm, the tragedy.

Ah, the tragedy.

“The rest is silence.” William Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’ 5.2

What’s your favourite tragedy?

The Theme Game


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9 responses to “Is it a play or a tragedy?

  1. Love your spin on ‘play’, and that teacher sounds brilliant. I was one who didn’t enjoy breaking down plays and literature like that – I opted for English language rather than lit at ‘A’ level for that very reason. But of the tragedies, I’d have to go for Romeo and Juliet. Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame

    • Yes Romeo and Juliet is also a genius work of literature art but when you’ve studied something inside out, back to front and picked it to pieces, it’s got to be the study piece! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I studied Hamlet too. Loved, loved, loved it. Still do! Can quote reams and reams from it. Saw Mark Rylance and Kenneth Brannagh play him too. When Shakespeare is performed well there’s nothing like it. The wit, play on words, the emotions. Simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. Well, being a Scot I’d probably have to say Macbeth :) I prefer his lighter, wittier plays to be honest, I love Much Ado About Nothing… #TheThemeGame

  4. If you get a chance to see the Cornish travellling company, Kneehigh, I can’t recommend their interpretations of Shakespeare (and other plays) highly enough. Creative presentations

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