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Last night was the night!

I’m no longer a colourless virgin!

After the busiest week for a good while, hubby was going out and I was absolutely adamant that I wasn’t going to do any tidying last night!  Our little bear was in bed, I opened my new book and off I went 🙂  I am of course talking about the first in the Grey Trilogy.  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ didn’t disappoint.  I found it quite amusing and really enjoyed it.  It’s very clever too.  I’m glad I enjoyed it after all the hype.  After my busy week though, I could hardly keep my eyes open by 9.30.  Off I went to bed to read it there.  I didn’t last long.  I had to admit defeat by 10.  I needed sleep so Mr Grey and Ana had to wait until today.  I’m proud to say that I’m no longer a colourless virgin.  Grey is pretty colourless after all.

Today was like that Bruno Mars song ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything’.  So we hardly did anything at all.  We stayed in our jim jams until gone 10.  I didn’t really thing going food shopping in my jim jams was a good idea. It wasn’t until our bear’s afternoon nap that she got into her normal clothes though.  She was happy, and she’s had a busy week too and just wanted to chill.  Our house has been very chilled out today 🙂

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Fussy eaters, sponsored do-dahs and freebies!

While researching how to create and eBook cover without remortgaging the house by purchasing well-known software, the good old search engine hit on a freebie.  Whoopee!  I’ve got a list of things to do to get my eBook created.  The most exciting thing for me though is about raising awareness of something that’s very close to my heart.  I’ll be donating a large amount to the very worthy cause.  I’m also planning on doing some sort of sponsored event to help launch my book.  It’s all very exciting and I’m not sure there’s enough hours in the day, particularly with a certain trilogy about shades of grey on the way…
When I’m in launch mode, the title and everything about my book will be revealed 🙂

On another subject entirely – I’m sure I’m not the only parent that thinks from time to time that their toddler is the fussiest eater in the whole wide world… but you see mine IS the fussiest eater lol.  I wasn’t saying that at tea time, after work when she demanding this, that and the other and hubby was at work. No back up!  I stuck to my guns and didn’t play the game. I told her she could have what she was given or wait until breakfast!  And you know what?  After being ignored and not giving in, she did eat bits of it.  She especially liked the sausages.  Not sure that pineapple chunks would be my ideal accompaniment though…

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I’ve absolutely no idea…

  • So how is it that this time yesterday, having seen a friend’s status update on a well-known social networking site about a book, at least 3 of my friends now have long-running comments about the same book?!?  That’s the power of social networking for you. 
    Feeling like I was missing out, I looked for ’50 Shades of Grey’ in eBooks and found the blurb about it.  There’s no denying that it does sound tantalisingly un-put-downable.  There lies my problem.  I’ve absolutely no idea how I’m going to find the time to read any of it.  Decision made though – who cares, quite frankly, that I don’t have the time to read it.  I’m missing out…  on a book!  
    I’d better find the time to read it though because I’ve just ordered the trilogy 😀  I do get excited about reading a book that everyone else is reading. Like I said to my friend, there will never be another Elizabeth Bennett or Mr Darcy, Jane or Mr Bingley like in ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  Pemberley might put ’50 Shades’ in the shadows but I’ve got to get it. 
    Am I sitting comfortably?!
    If any of my eBooks get anything like the same following, I’ll be a very happy bunny!
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A little patient!

At the time of typing this, hubby is lying on his back on the living floor being a patient to our little bear!  Having just had his tea, and a full belly, we’ve had to tell her to be gentle with his belly! 

We both went to pick her up from the childminder’s tonight and when she saw her daddy, she ran to him for a cuddle.  You can’t put a price on that! 😀

The next couple of days are meant to be stormy again so I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet.  I haven’t got the car so it might just be the park if there’s a break in the showers or it might just be the back garden!  Whatever we do, I’m sure our bear will be bossing me around!

In a little while I’m going to do some more article writing, brainstorming and start another eBook.  Then I reckon I might deserve a bit of TV, bath and bed 🙂

I’m working full time for the next 2 weeks (eeek!) which seemed like a good idea at the time but now I’m not so sure… :s

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Cracking on!

2 articles drafted out!  When you get brainstorming it’s amazing how many come to mind.  When you do it for fun it’s so much easier too.

Onto other things.  I got drawn into ‘True Love’ with Billie Piper last night.  Compelling and moving.  I’ve got to watch the rest tomorrow night because I didn’t get a chance tonight. 

Tomorrow I will brainstorm another article.  Practice practice practice!

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The first gold medal winning hurdle goes to me!

The first hurdle in my eBook compiling adventure is making a cover for my book.  There was me thinking it would be pretty straight forward.  Hubby sorted out Adobe on the computer yesterday; I’ve bookmarked a few good sites with free cover templates.  My aim for tonight was to sort out the cover and add ecommerce to the website.  Tomorrow night I was going to look at eBook compilers.  Well, I still will.  Got to stick to the plan!  Simply copying and pasting your work from a word document doesn’t work, it seems.  Arrrrggghhhh!  It’s a good job I’m an optimist and like a challenge. 

I have, at least, already written my first book.  It’s all these technical hurdles that frustrate me. At least I’ve got a techy hubby 🙂

Last night I brain-stormed some good topics for books, which can be broken down to even more!  I stick to my word. I will have an eBook published, and published well, not just “that’ll do” before the end of July. 

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Short Circuit

I wish I was like the computer in the film ‘Short Circuit’ that could scan a whole book in seconds and absorb every single little piece of information.  Such is the wealth of information on the good on web, that when researching how to compile an eBook today, I clicked and clicked and was taken somewhere… well I’m not entirely where!  Quite appropriate that the sub title of this website is ‘where will your click take you today?’

I’ve had a relatively relaxing weekend that didn’t pass by in a blur!  Hubby got to spend some one-on-one time with our little bear, chasing her around with balloons 🙂  While I did said research.  Win win.

I’ve recently updated my phone contract. There is a point to this.  I was going to go Pay As You Go but have been given an unmissable offer by my current network.  This means that I’ve still got internet access on my phone for pennies (well, a few more than just pennies, but a good offer nonetheless!). It means that I can blog on the move.  Fantastic!

My aim for the next month is to publish my first eBook and also to write and have accepted 10 short articles online.

Anyone who says that I can’t or won’t – hush your mouth!  Positive peeps here only please 😀

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It’s all a bit of a pain really…

an extremely well-known search engine that practically owns the web has made it very difficult for me to keep blogging on my old blog, for various reasons.  That’s as far as I go with bad-mouthing them.  Onwards and upwards to…

my new blog! 

I’ve written a book.  I’ve started several over the years in fact!  The one that I’ve finished actually started life as a blog but a good friend suggested I might consider turning it into an ebook.  So that’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂  I’m currently trawling the web to find out the quickest and easiest way to publish.  I don’t think that I’m far off being a published author.  My intention with my first ebook (note ‘first’ suggests more to come!) is to perhaps raise some money for the local maternity unit.  This seed was planted in my mind nearly 3 years ago. 

My new blog will be a platform for virtually all sorts of things.  One day you might have a skim read and see something about parenting.  Another day you might stumble across something on beating depression. Another on growing up on a farm.  The list is as long as the memories, thoughts, opinions and ideas that continually form in my head 🙂  Welcome to me!

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