…where will your click take you today?

Bitch slaps and bailiffs…

on July 21, 2012

First, there is a very good reason why I haven’t blogged for so long… the last blog post should give you a clue. Like pretty much every other woman on the planet, I’ve been over-indulging in Mr Grey.  I’ve nearly finished the first book and between that, and getting my eBook sorted, I haven’t had time for blogs.

Browsing through my emails tonight, I got distracted by the ‘news’.  Well, entertainment news.  I found myself clicking on a headline for one of the soaps.  Riveting stuff!  There’s affairs, alcoholism, bitch slapping, bailiffs, pregnancy tests (positive of course!), gay love stories… and that’s just in one soap as far as I can tell!  What really concerns me is that these soaps are supposed to reflect our lives?!?  Don’t make me laugh out loud…   

I think I’ll stick to my fun-loving educational and slightly addictive CBeebies programmes thanks J  Mr Bloom’s Nursery, Woolly and Tig and I Can Cook will do me just fine.

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