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ISBNs here I come!!

on July 29, 2012

By the end of play today, my first eBook will be ready for publishing!  My first job for tomorrow is to apply for my ISBN.  It’s been a great project.  Yesterday I finished the cover and I’m really happy with the final picture.  Today I have converted it to pdf.  Next I’ve got to work out how to link it all up to the website and a very well known online book bike that sounds like a forest!!

Very very exciting times 🙂

On Saturday I was doing pretty well considering I ended up staying up til 12.30…am. Yes am!  I was hooked on the olympics opening ceremony and decided that I may as well stay up to watch Team GB.  Glad I did.  What a moment. What a piece of history that I’ll never experience again 🙂

Saturday.  Our bear and hubby had some ‘them time’ while I had some time to myself.  Yay!!  I had my hear done, which included an arm and head massage.  All courtesy of an excellent offer on groupon.  Then I had my eyes tested and ended up with free designer glasses!  Off I went to specsavers to use my free eye test voucher from work. Thought I’d have to splash out on some new lenses if my prescription’s changed but can’t stretch to new frames at the mo. Prescription’s same. “While I’m here, would it be possible to have my glasses cleaned and tightened please?’ No problem. She comes back and says, “I’m so sorry but the machine has broken your glasses. You can have these ones mended or choose any pair you like, including the designer range”. Er let me think about that one!!! They were trying to bend them back into shape because apparantly the hot weather had warped them ever so slightly. Machine’s only ever broken 2 pairs of glasses… Result!!! 😀 

Our bear keeps saying, “I like your glasses mummy. You look cool!”. Aw!

Finally before I finish this post…. did I mention I’m publishing my own eBook?!?

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