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Away with the fairies

Over tired, clingy or poorly?  And that’s just me!  Any parent knows that when your little one doesn’t settle at bed time it can be very upsetting.  We have been very lucky with our little bear.  I can count on 2 hands the occasions when she hasn’t settled to bed within 5 minutes.  I say ‘lucky’ but actually I put it down to a very good bedtime routine that we’ve stuck to pretty much since day one… well, since she started sleeping through the night anyway.
So, tonight after she had had her stories, I said it was time to clean her teethy pegs and then bedtime.  As usual, she took her teddy, climbed the stairs with the usual, “I don’t want to hold your hold hand Mummy, I can do it by myself”, brushed her teeth, got into bed and off she went.  At least until I went to leave the room and randomly she put her hand to grab me.  I said it was bedtime, showed her where her favourite teddy was and left the room.  10 minutes later she was still crying.  Not whinging but crying.  It’s Friday night, I’m pretty tired myself and I’m thinking I should just go and check her because like I said, it’s very very rare that she doesn’t settle quickly, if not straight away.  After around 15 minutes it suddenly went quiet and I put it down to over-tiredness.  I was quite pleased with myself for not relenting to the calpol, because she has got a cold. 
10 minutes after the quiet, she started again.  Armed with the calpol and spoon, I went up, gave her a dose, she laid her beautiful head down and zzzzz  she was away with the fairies.  A happy bear and a happy mummy!

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Fill your boots with bargains!

Over the weekend, we popped to Tesco.  On the way in, there were grey skys but not so bad that I didn’t have high hopes of cutting the lawn after our shopping trip.  Perhaps the last cut before winter…

I digress.  On the way out of Tesco it was raining fast and steady.  Once back at the car, I realised that my foot was wet.  I had a hole in my trainers, delilah delilah, a hole in my trainers, delilah a hole.  I did think about dashing back into the shop to get some new ones.  I walk to work in them and change into my work shoes when I get there, so thought I could make do for a few days and just change my socks too…

Monday morning, it was proper chucking it down so I decided to get our little bear and go and get me some new shoes.  Our bear was in her element in the shop.  She was choosing me pairs to try on, when I had finished with a pair, she put them back in the same place.  It so happened that it was the first day in week of 20% off!  Bargain!  I could afford some slightly better ones in that case!

We got back home and our little bear decided to play shoe shops.  She put her slippers in the box and wore my new trainers.  Too cute!  I wonder if she would still have wanted to wear them if they didn’t have a pink in them??!


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Oh no, I dance like my Dad!!

Yes it’s a fact. One that I noticed myself and have to admit is true! Today while dancing round with  3 my nearly 3 year old, I was throwing all sorts of shapes and moves to keep her amused. Then I realised that I was dancing EXACTLY like my Dad! Exactly like him! It was a strange moment because most people ,especially hubby, say I sound and walk like my Mum/sister. You kind of expect that as a woman. But not to dance like your Dad!

I’ve also read someone else’s blog today about music helping to stimulate the brain. It’s quite clear to me that our little girl has benefitted from musical play groups. She now randomly sings whole songs without being prompted. Maybe this is perfectly normal at this stage but I’m not biased you understand!..  When I was pregnant, she always used to have a jiggle to music, particularly classical music. I’ve just read about how a child’s eardrums are very sensitive, particularly in the third trimester of pregnancy.

We’ve usually got music of some sort on at home. I hate silence. As the songs says ‘music makes the people come together!’

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Share and share a’like’…

What can be shared?  Love. Hate. Hugs to keep you warm. Ice cream to keep you cold. A nice cuppa with a friend. And a cake!  Facebook and blogging is all about sharing.  I’ve just created my first ever status on facebook especially for ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’.  It’s to raise awareness of my book ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ which is raising money for the charity APEC and is all about pre-eclampsia, hellp syndrome and other pregnancy conditions.  Another first.
You can also share news that needs sharing.  So please share and share a’like’…

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JustGiving not JustTaking

I’ve always said, all along, that the purpose of my ebook ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’ is not to make me money, but to raise money for the charity APEC (Action on Pre-Eclampsia) and ultimately raise awareness of problems that can occur during and after pregnancy.  True to my word, I’ve just made a JustGiving page for my book.  That way, you can still donate to this very worthy cause without reading my book if you want to.  If I hadn’t had to cover the cost of applying for an ISBN number, the whole book would be free.  Trust me. So please share, re-blog, retweet, like, high five, poke, comment.  Do a handstand on one hand dressed as a clown if you like, but please spread the word!  Thank you!

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Uh oh, we’re in trouble!…

Today has been a day of very pink things.  Courtesy mainly of our little bear.  She does love pink.  She’s had new pink shoes which she chose herself, pink drinks, pink colouring… and a new pink purse for me!

During my mad dash to get from the hairdressers, to the car park before my ticket ran out, I made a quick diversion to TK Maxx.  Luckily the purses were right near the front and I thought it would be a case of grabbing the one to best suit my needs and leg it back to the car.  Well, I’ve never seen so many purses of all different shapes, sizes and functions in my whole life!  It took me 15 minutes to choose a purse.  One that didn’t cost more than a tenner.  I mean, really!!  In the end I found my perfect purse.  It’s not your traditional looking purse with neat little slots inside for your cards and your notes.  It’s a big clasp purse, with a mini one attached inside.  It’ll hold my coins, notes (like I ever have any of those in there anyway!) and my cards all separately.  No problems.  Okay, one problem.  It’s pink!  In fact, it matches our little bear’s new shoes!!  She’s so going to want mummy’s new purse. 
Uh oh, we’re in trouble!

 On another note entirely, I’ve been getting ever so slightly (!) carried away with freebies from Vistaprint.  It’s like an aladdin’s cave and it’s all for me.  Yeah, baby!!–everything-ebook.html

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…AND I never had a flippin Crunchie!

Big sigh!  As I type this, I’m having a blissful break from sneezing and putting vaseline on my nose because it’s sooo sore!  I don’t mind having a cold.  I can cope with that.  But having to stuff a tissue up my nose because it won’t stop running. Grrrr I hate that!

So without further ado, I’m going to run a lurvely hot bath, mong out and go to bed 🙂 Ah, perfect!

I told the girls at work that I was going to have a Crunchie today but I never did.  My Auntie’s chocolate birthday cake up for it though! mmmm. 

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…the day the zip breaks on my Radley purse, I see this blog…!

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A man would never cope…

I’m not sure how my life would cope without a ‘to do’ list.  I love being organised.  I NEED to be organised to get through each week, each day!  If I didn’t have a diary and a bit of scrap paper to jot down the food shopping, the daily chores and if I wasn’t being the queen of multi-tasking, I’m not sure how my brain would cope.  It’s a running joke with hubby and I that he never knows where he’s left anything and that I seem to have an ability to tell him exactly where it is.  I’m like a homing pigeon when it comes to his things that are dotted around the house!

Even with a ‘to do’ list, my head sometimes feels likes its going to explode. 
Thank goodness I’m a woman.  A man would never cope!

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I do think it’s lovely when…

…you know someone’s reading your blog, you have something to look forward to like a birthday party, and you find some encouraging and profound words on another blog.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party and I was telling my friend how we had been looking for somewhere reasonably priced to have our little bear’s party.  A few minutes later, we decided on a joint party for our 2 bears!  Yay.  Can’t WAIT!!  Paaarty bags, paaarty food, bouncing on bouncy castles.  Whooopee!  I’m not usually one for adults parties to be honest, not any more.  But give me a good children’s party, especially one I can help plan and I’m happy!

I logged into my blog tonight and the notifications said I had 5 ‘likes’.  Whooooo hooooo!  Someone’s reading me.  Thanks!  All over the space of about 2 weeks too.

I followed the link to one of my ‘likers’ an found some profound and inspiring words on there: “Worrying does not empty tomorow of its troubles.  It empties today of its strength”

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