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Seeing stars!

on June 7, 2013

Wow, our little bear is ‘Star of the Week’ at pre-school… for the 3rd time!  We’ve come such a long way!  I remember like it was yesterday – 
Finding out we were pregnant
My bump growing and feeling the kicks, seeing the outline of a foot/hand/knee
Going to hospital 3 weeks before the original due date and a week before the planned c-section
Vividly hearing our bear cry for the first time
The midwife holding our newborn bear up for me to see

Then came – 
The weaning, crawling, walking, babbling, talking, teething (can’t forget that and the nappies. Ah, the teething nappies!!)
My return to work
Her first day at pre-school

Getting on for 4 years later and our little bear is a big bear!
Every single day we lover her more and more.  

Now she –
Runs, answers back, tells us off, tells/reads us stories, does so much with us.

Our bear is star of the week for the 3rd time!  I make absolutely no apologies for gushing proudly.  She loves her mummy and daddy and we love her!  She makes us laugh, smile and she makes us so so so proud! 


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