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Sent La La by Lau Lau…

on September 2, 2013

Image It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, to coin a phrase.  Our nearly 4-year-old is playing happily and pulling out every single toy she’s ever owned from the old play pen where they’re all ‘stored’.  I can’t believe she use to fit in it, but that’s another story entirely…  She asks for her purple rabbits with the green eyes.  I rack my brains and can’t think what she means.  She’s got her soft teddy-bunny-type-things in her hands.  Purple rabbits with green eyes?!?  Sounds like something from a horror film to me!  But then, aha, I realize that she means her ‘Waybuloo’ Lau Lau figures.  Image Now way back over a year ago, Lau Lau fitted perfectly into her little hands, resulting in Lau Lau going everywhere with her/us.  She inevitably got lost, which meant a mad dash by Daddy to get a new one.  Of course, Lau Lau 1 then re-appeared and we had 2 of them.  So, our little bear is asking for her purple ‘rabbits’.  Can we find either one? Of course we can’t!  I look in all the nooks and crannies where they’re usually hidden and forgotten about.  Including the doll’s house roof where Zingzilla Panzee once lay abandoned when food was mentioned.  No, not in there.  Not in the doll’s house either.  Although as you can see, everyone else seemed to be there waiting patiently for her/them to make an appearance.  Every doll’s blanket was moved and there was no sign of either purple ‘rabbit’.  Then, “found them!” says our bear… there they are under the same blanket I thought I had moved!  No matter.  At least they were found and at least it resulted in a bit of a tidy up.  Ever found yourself in a similar situation? Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now through my website at Virtually All Sorts. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. …and visit my facebook page or follow me on twitter @ComplicatedPreg Also available – my indispensable guide to avoiding Working Mum Guilt. Whether you are about to return or have already started back, this book offers practical solutions and feedback from real Mums with real families in real situations. Covering topics such as Post Natal Depression, childcare options, yours and your child’s development and time management – Ditch the guilt today! … and visit my facebook page or follow me on twitter @WorkingMumGuilt  Thank you.

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