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How do you write what you write?…

on October 17, 2013



…I would be interested to know.

Me?  I have a favourite pen which feels ‘right’ and glides across the paper effortlessly as I scrawl my notes and ideas, which come flowing from head to paper.

Yes, paper!  I have a wad of scrap paper held together by a good old-fashioned bulldog clip.  I love writing like this.  To me, it feels ‘raw’, which helps to inspire and spur me on.

Rare is the moment when I type straight onto a screen.  In fact, this usually gives me writer’s block.

I would love to own a beautiful fountain pen to scrawl my notes with but feel it would be over-indulgent.  Perhaps I’m romanticising the whole process and have seen too many pictures of original Jane Austen manuscripts…

My notepad with trusty bulldog clip stays at home.  Dreaded is the day that I ever lose my beloved higgledy-piggledy notes.  Not dreaded for the fear of some unappreciative soul finding them (I doubt they would find my notes legible!), but dreaded for the fear that I have lost a part of my creativity and brainstorming.  I do carry a small notepad everywhere, of course I do.  Just like I’m sure many of you lovely readers do.  My wad of paper and trusty bulldog clip stays safely tucked up at home, like a faithful pet awaiting my return!…

So, how do you write what you write?

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Thank you.


Picture source: Bulldog clip de alfabeto de Dave via via Pinterest

8 responses to “How do you write what you write?…

  1. Emma says:

    I asked for a fountain pen for christmas one year for this exact purpose, I’m very glad I did! Its my constant companion 🙂

  2. Likewise, I write by hand first. Technology comes later, as do the illustrations.

  3. […] At college I completed a writing portfolio which was a labour of love.  You see, for me, writing comes naturally (blow your own trumpet time!)  Once that pen or pencil touches the paper, the words just flow and flow.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve typed something straight out without writing it on paper first. […]

  4. […] galore in this notepad.  From notes for writing, to blog notes, they’re all in there.  It’s how I write.  It feels more ‘raw’ to write like […]

  5. […] I write by making notes on a wad of paper.  It feels more raw, more creative.  Perhaps using a quill and inkwell felt more ‘raw’ for writers of yesteryear. […]

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