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The 3 A’s ~ An Adventure Awaits…

adventure wotw 31 jan 2014

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Because I love being inspired with writing ideas. Because I love feeling the initial idea grow ‘roots’. Because I love jotting down notes as the ideas ‘stem’ off into full flow to form the writing. Because I love a challenge that pushes me, despite my many other commitments of a varying nature. Because I like to take a little time for me. Because I was looking to get involved with another linky for this blog (like the one this post is written for – #Word of the Week).
Just because.
I’m going to take part in the April #AtoZChallenge  starting in, well April!
So yes, there is much anticipation for an alphabet ‘adventure’ here at VirtuallyAllSorts.
Why do it?
Because I can…

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Is it a play or a tragedy?

play theme game

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This week’s #TheThemeGame with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘play’. Why not join in? It’s a tragedy not to…

I must try to see more quality Shakespeare.

After a brief chat with my Mum about a poor production of ‘Hamlet’, it got me to thinking of an excellent film adaptation I saw years ago.  Mel Gibson was Hamlet and Helena  Bonham-Carter was Ophelia.  Having studied ‘Hamlet’ at A-level too many years ago to be specific, I can remember a handful of quotes from the play.  I’m sure I’ll remember them to my dying day. Not so much because of the duration of my study or technique but because of my fascination with, and love of, The Bard.  It would be so lovely if our little bear enjoys the arts.  She already loves watching the pantos on CBeebies and reading.  I also hope that when she starts school, her teachers nurture her love of making up stories.  She has ‘written’ a wonderful little story not so long ago, which we managed to get down on the ipad for preservation.  It would be great to publish it one day soon.

Back to Shakespeare.  One memory of my English A-level days is the difficulty I had in translating my understanding of the themes and structure into an essay of above average standard.

A fantastic teacher, Mrs Walker, gave up a handful of her lunchtimes out of the goodness of her literature-filled heart and nurtured a few of us on how to breakdown the points of a play and then expand the points into a structured essay that makes sense.  She truly was an inspiration.  Like the quotes, I will never forget her passion and patience.  A good teacher really can bring out the best in you.

Back to The Bard ~ I do love a bit of Shakespeare.  In fact Olde English literature such as Ben Jonson (‘Volpone’) and of course Geoffrey Chaucer (‘The Miller’s Tale) were both works of literature that gripped me and I thoroughly enjoyed breaking each scene down, and down again into intricate studies.

The language, the double entendres, the wit, the sarcasm, the tragedy.

Ah, the tragedy.

“The rest is silence.” William Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’ 5.2

What’s your favourite tragedy?

The Theme Game


You know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how ~ create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!




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What is as unique as your fingerprint yet the same as you and I?

What is there 24:7 come rain or shine?


Where can you go with just a tap or a click,

To debate, laugh or rant or just a quick ‘flick’?


WordPress, blogger to name just two,

The blogging community is there for me and for you.


With linkys, blog hops and carnivals – call them what you will,

It’s great that there’s always something to fit the bill.


I’m making great friends through this linky called #WordoftheWeek

With The Reading Residence; the bloggers are friendly, not part of a clique.


So, next time you’re taking ‘five’, grab yourself a pew,

Have a scroll, tap, click, natter, there’s plenty to do!



So you know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?


You know that you’ve never known how to do it?


Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how ~ create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!




New Horizons

new theme game 23 jan 2014 Picture source: via Pinterest

Do you want to try your hand at #TheThemeGame with The Reading Residence and Redpeffer?  It’s great for getting your creative juices flowing…  Here’s my offering for this week’s theme of ‘new’.



New Horizons

What’s new to you

Might not be new to me,

It depends how you look

At things you see.


A well-loved toy,

A well-thumbed book,

A well-worn piece of clothing

Can give you a new look.


A new place, a new time,

A chance encounter with someone new,

An exciting new relationship,

New things to see and do.


There are so many changes you can make,

Don’t shut the door on your idea,

Whatever your plans may be,

Have a happy new year!


So, now’s the time to create the eBook you’ve had on the backburner…

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how ~ create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!


What makes you feel accomplished?

accomplished wotw 17 jan 2014 Picture source: via Pinterest


Another Friday has rolled around and that can only mean one thing… #WordoftheWeek with The Reading Residence…

So, what makes you feel accomplished?  I’ll start…

As a child I always enjoyed reading; as I went up to secondary school, I did my work experience at a local newspaper.  I really enjoyed it but it felt too ‘rigid’ for me.  It was all factual with no leeway for my creativity or imagination to blossom.  No room for me to feel truly accomplished.

At college I completed a writing portfolio which was a labour of love.  You see, for me, writing comes naturally (blow your own trumpet time!)  Once that pen or pencil touches the paper, the words just flow and flow.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve typed something straight out without writing it on paper first.

My dream, like any writer’s, was to have my work published.  In 2012 I did just that.  Myself.  Yes, I self-published ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’, followed by ‘Ditch the Guilt’.  They were both published as eBooks.  I did an insurmountable amount of research on how to create an eBook to publish these two.

You know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how – create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!

Now you can feel accomplished like me… feels great doesn’t it?

What makes you feel accomplished?


Quite simply ‘water’

water theme game 15 jan 2014


This week’s #TheThemeGame from The Reading Residence and Redpeffer is ‘water’.  Here are my thoughts on the stuff otherwise known as H2O:


Wiping the dirt from my wellies, I’m simply soaking wet,

Wondering what tomorrow will bring, we simply don’t know yet.


Away from my family for another day,

They’re always supportive, they never say,


“Time you stayed home to look after us,

Time you stayed here for cuddles and fuss.”


Each of them know that wherever I go,

Others need help and you never know,


When nature will turn on you, show you who’s boss,

And that’s when we’ll need the British Red Cross.


By Carol Cameleon


You know that book you’ve always wanted to to turn into an ebook?
You know that you’ve never known how to do it?
Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how ~ create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!




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Relieved #WordoftheWeek

This week I am

 blog pic relieved wotw 10 jan 14

…relieved that I can continue with my current writing project.

…relieved that I’ve found exactly what I need for the next step.

…relieved that I took the time to go hunting for what I needed.

…relieved that I’ve found my ISBN logbook containing my allocated numbers.

…relieved that I can go head and publish my ebook on Sunday as planned.

I am relieved beyond words…


I am taking part in the #WordoftheWeek ‘linky’ from The Reading Residence


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“Doorway” ~ Why a blog is like a house

blog pic Doorway 8th Jan 2014

A warm welcome to my blog, you will see it’s like a house.

Come over the threshold, turn the handle, the proverbial ‘mouse’.


In the hallway it’s fresh and light, it’s the decor, it’s the ‘theme’.

It’s personal choice, it reflects your blog, it’s the first thing to be seen.


My visitors are my ‘followers’, they come by every day.

A refreshing drink and a chat, it’s great to hear what they say.


Into the kitchen, kettle on, time for coffee and cake.

I love to hear their thoughts and banter, with the ‘comments’ that they make.


Into the lounge, take a seat, make yourself at home.

Escuse me a minute, look around while I answer the phone.


Someone’s got lost, their sat nav’s broken, they don’t know where to go,

When you’re trying to find my blog, you rely on good ‘SEO’.


Back again.  What to do when the comments halt or stall?

You can get fresh air from a proverbial ‘window’ when you hit a blog ‘brick wall’.


Up the stairs, one by one, this is your ranking goal,

A comfort break to the bathroom and of course the ‘blog roll’!


So, is your ‘house’ on a busy road or is it a dead end?

Good content’s vital for your blog, remember this my friend.


Just like a house, a blog’s good structure really is the ‘key’,

Come in, through my ‘doorway’, you’re always welcome, come and visit me!


By Carol Cameleon

This blog is part of ‘The Theme Game’ at ‘The Reading Residence’… why not join in?


The Theme Game


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What’s to be gained from chucking out the chintz?

blog pic st pauls

“Enough’s enough,” I said out loud to myself.

Every time I tried to close a cupboard door, it sprang back open because of a rogue lead uncoiling into the door hinge…

There was only one thing for it – chuck out the chintz!

There was to be no reminiscing, I told myself.  There was to be no stalling.  There was to be no ‘stone’ left unturned.  There was to be nothing ‘useless’ left in the cupboard afterwards.

One hour later and the contents of said cupboard were on the floor instead.  Well, it was a start.

I had a ‘rubbish’ pile, a ‘keep in cupboard’ pile, a ‘file’ pile.

The reminiscing rule worked until I got to a box of ‘old’ photos and some old school work.  Wouldn’t you say that’s excusable though?

In that cupboard I found a ‘good luck’ card from my old sixth form tutor, too many years ago to be specific.  Her wording was very sincere and very accurate.  It read:

“Dear Carol.  Every good wish for the forthcoming examinations and your future happiness.  With your perception and insight you will achieve lofty heights.  With love, Elizabeth”

I will once again hold that card dear to my heart because she was a fantastic teacher and an inspiration.

A buoyant, sincere, very often no-holds-barred lady, she encouraged me, inspired me and believed in me.  She encouraged me to be me.

The picture is the very same one on the front of the postcard that she gave me.  An image from inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

What useful, long-forgotten items have you found when clearing out?

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