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“Doorway” ~ Why a blog is like a house

on January 8, 2014

blog pic Doorway 8th Jan 2014

A warm welcome to my blog, you will see it’s like a house.

Come over the threshold, turn the handle, the proverbial ‘mouse’.


In the hallway it’s fresh and light, it’s the decor, it’s the ‘theme’.

It’s personal choice, it reflects your blog, it’s the first thing to be seen.


My visitors are my ‘followers’, they come by every day.

A refreshing drink and a chat, it’s great to hear what they say.


Into the kitchen, kettle on, time for coffee and cake.

I love to hear their thoughts and banter, with the ‘comments’ that they make.


Into the lounge, take a seat, make yourself at home.

Escuse me a minute, look around while I answer the phone.


Someone’s got lost, their sat nav’s broken, they don’t know where to go,

When you’re trying to find my blog, you rely on good ‘SEO’.


Back again. Β What to do when the comments halt or stall?

You can get fresh air from a proverbial ‘window’ when you hit a blog ‘brick wall’.


Up the stairs, one by one, this is your ranking goal,

A comfort break to the bathroom and of course the ‘blog roll’!


So, is your ‘house’ on a busy road or is it a dead end?

Good content’s vital for your blog, remember this my friend.


Just like a house, a blog’s good structure really is the ‘key’,

Come in, through my ‘doorway’, you’re always welcome, come and visit me!


By Carol Cameleon

This blog is part of ‘The Theme Game’ at ‘The Reading Residence’… why not join in?


The Theme Game


Picture source: via Pinterest

10 responses to ““Doorway” ~ Why a blog is like a house

  1. Brilliant! So many great analogies in that poem, and I can relate to so many πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining with #TheThemeGame x

  2. Very clever – well done

  3. I love it, great analogy! Thank you for joining #TheThemeGame

  4. Very clever! Love it πŸ™‚ #TheThemeGame

  5. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Lovely poem! Mel

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