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on February 8, 2014

Picture source: via pinterest

It’s quite apt that I write a post about neighbours, given that this morning I spoke to a friend on FaceTime while they holiday in Australia!

I absolutely loved the Aussie soap in its heyday. ‘Neighbours’ was on twice a day and I was one of the millions of viewers hooked. It fascinated me that they would just walk into each others’ houses, while we used to avoid going out of our house fullstop, for fear of being stopped by our neighbour for a matter. She ever stopped. Ever! A lonely old soul, she couldn’t drive and being rural, we were her only contact with the outside world (apart from her son who lived at home), sometimes for days in a row. The times our mum used to be hanging out washing and we would have to say the phone was ringing… Bad I know, but necessary to be able to get anything done.

It’s true that everybody needs good neighbours and if she needed anything of course we would have obliged, but sometimes our neighbours can eat into your time…

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