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The Four Walls and the Fences

on April 29, 2014

The Theme Game home four walls

The time was going quickly,

The landscape whizzing by,

No sooner had she left the platform,

Feelings were soaring high…


The clankety-clank of the wheels,

The swaying of the train,

Had left her feeling sleepy,

And excited all the same.


Familiar sights coming into view,

Feelings still as high,

The train grinding to a halt,

It all made her wonder why.


Why she felt a pang of loss,

Why she felt at ease,

Why she was missing where she had left,

Why she felt so pleased.


Then the familiar face,

Waiting at the side,

The warm welcome greeted her,

From a hug to the loving eyes.


This weekend had come up fast,

For that was elated,

But the four days would just not last,

And for that felt deflated.


Familiar sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, smells,

All of the five senses,

Never leave home where the proverbial heart is,

The four walls and the fences.


I’m linking up with #TheThemeGame theme of ‘home’

at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer for this post.

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the theme game home


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10 responses to “The Four Walls and the Fences

  1. What a great poem. Fab post x

  2. A lovely poem, and though I love to explore new places, for me, home is where the heart is, right here with my family. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  3. What a lovely way to write about home. Home can be bittersweet sometimes can’t it. Thanks for shearing with #TheThemeGame

  4. Great poem! I enjoyed reading that, you’ve really summed up the experience of ‘going home’. X #thethemegame

  5. Wonderful poem, home is most definitely where the heart is x #TheThemeGame

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