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Childhood ~ choose your words wisely

on May 13, 2014

The theme game childhood

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This was my facebook status one day last week:
“Not normally one to judge because parenting’s hard work but, “shut up before i slap you!!!!!!” Heard on school run… “
I’m not always one to update my status every day, but I felt compelled to share this. Because I was truly horrified, truly shocked, truly saddened.  We all know that parenting can be hard work and I meant it when I said that I’m not one to judge. If it works for you, then go ahead…. If the child is happy and loved.
But judge I did. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the parent and child. Our little bear did the same. She had heard too.  So without really thinking I showered her with praise – as if in an attempt to dissolve the negativity and harsh words she had just heard.
One of my friends commented on my status that it makes you wonder what goes on at home.   Indeed it does.
Children are like sponges. As a parent, I see it every day. They copy us in actions AND words. The younger years are crucial in building confidence and self-esteem…
I love words and I’m very careful about the words I use in front of, and towards, our little bear. This poor child on the school run doesn’t stand a chance…
What are your thoughts?

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the theme game childhood


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15 responses to “Childhood ~ choose your words wisely

  1. Hmm, an unpleasant thing to hear directed towards a poor little child, and it does make you wonder whether they are all trapped in some cycle of poor parenting – because probably this kind of thing was commonplace when they were children themselves. Pity there can’t be obligatory ‘Parenting Classes’ that you have to pass before being allowed to give birth!! #TheThemeGame

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there Sam – a cycle of poor parenting…

      • But how to break it?…

      • I’d like to say re-education but that would be naive of me. At our bear’s pre-school they have signs up about crossing the road and wearing your seat beat – they have a line of child’s hand writing copying, “If you don’t wear your seat belt, I will copy you…” And appropriate wording fr each scenario. It’s really very clever and very effective to me. Maybe one on violence/language could be used at entrances to educational buildings in the hope that a less ‘patronising’ and more subtle form of re-education might work…

  2. Mmm, I’ve heard and seen things that make me truly sad (and in some cases downright depressed). I’ve heard swearing, shouting and in my previous employment witnessed scenes I wish I could erase from my mind but sadly not. Sometimes I think life is sketched out for you simply by the luck of the draw as to your home life.
    And how the government think we can simply click our fingers and change decades of culture in some families and their wider society I will never understand.
    Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. I guess if they’re happy to be overheard saying things like that surrounded by other parents, it does make you wonder what they’d say in the privacy of their homes, rather worryingly. And I can only hope it was an empty threat, though you make a good point in saying to think about the language we use. I don’t say anything in front of mine that I’d hate them to say, too, though phrases and tones are sometimes repeated, which makes me look at myself and realise how I must sometimes sound! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  4. It’s a great quote, and so true.

  5. Mummy Tries says:

    That’s really sad Carol, and yes it does make you wonder if it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Words can sting almost as much as a slap sometimes 😦

  6. Love this post and completely agree. I try so hard to be very careful what I say to S and also what I say within earshot of her.
    Am so glad I made a conscious effort to stop swearing when she was born because the other day she stood up and went “Right!” which is what I invariably do when I decide we need to get up and do something. Terrifying; she had the tone and the arm actions to a tee! Imagine if I’d been going about the house effing and jeffing.

    • Thanks so much. It really does make you realise that they copy EVERYTHING doesn’t it… Thankfully the majority realise this. At least I like to think that this overheard comment was a rarity.

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