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How I improved my blogging experience and how you can too!

on June 17, 2014

 how I improved my blogging experience and how you can too

When the theme for this week’s The Theme Game linky was revealed, I instantly thought of an old post that I wrote “Doorway ~ Why a blog is like a house” for this very same linky.  I do like to challenge myself to write new content though and began to consider how my blogging has improved over the months and how I have improved my blogging experience…


There’s no doubt about it, from reading other blogs I’ve gained so much insight into what works well and what perhaps doesn’t.

I believe I’ve found my personal style and have stuck to it.  I haven’t tried to fit a round peg into a square hole, no matter how much I enjoy reading and respect the bloggers that I follow.


But you know what has really improved my blogging experience, aside from liking, commenting and of course following?



Yep, when I’ve read a post I’ve really enjoyed, for whatever reason, I really want to share it.  I want to shout it out to the virtual world.  Whether that be by pinning, tweeting or g+’ing (I think I just made up an ‘ing’ there!), I love to share!  It’s so easy too.  I know from personal experience the joy it gives other bloggers to discover that their content has been pinged out virtually, beyond their blog, into the world wide web.

However…  and it is a big however.  There are times when I haven’t been able to find the share icons on a blog post.  A few times this has made me sad and frustrated because I haven’t been able to share in a couple of clicks.

So, if you choose to take one bit of advice from reading this, please remember to include the share icons with your post!

Recently, I’ve found that the fun in blogging really, truly doesn’t just come from posting and promoting.  The fun really does comes from sharing… And that is how I’ve improved my blogging experience!

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6 responses to “How I improved my blogging experience and how you can too!

  1. A lovely post, and I quite agree with you. I like sharing, too, though can get frustrated when it’s tricky to actually do so! Thanks for sharing your experiences with #thethemegame x

  2. I think you’re really right Carol, and I hadn’t looked at it in this way before, but seeing as I am a big fan of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, this fits really well too – you’re right it is the way forward in blogging and makes everyone involved have a feel good moment, so what’s not to like?! X #TheThemeGame

  3. You’re right, sharing is caring! Seriously though, I agree that sharing is important and I’ve not shared enough recently and must remember to do so. And I also totally agree with you that it can be really frustrating trying to hunt around for a share button. Thank you for reminding me to share #thethemegame

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