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“The Chip in the Tea Cup” ~ a poem about memories

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“The Chip in the Tea Cup”

Washing up in a bit of a rush,

‘Chink’, I hear that sound…

I look on the drainer, the chip

Says it all; slow down, slow down, slow down.


“It’s only a mug,” I tell myself,

Just a bit of pottery,

But still it holds memories from long

Ago and my heart goes into my mouth.


My stomach lurches, I begin

To feel sad.  That mug was a part of me,

It was used all the time, I hadn’t realised til now

The warm fuzzy feeling inside.


So, why use it at all?

Why not save it ‘for show’

In a cupboard to gather dust?

I won’t keep it for ‘best’ for a day far away

Because that just isn’t me.


Memories should be nurtured day after day,

Remembered, relived, re-told.

Bring the memories to life, don’t hide them away

Lest they be forgot and fade away.


I’ll hold onto my memories with all

My might; I look at the chip again.

The water drains off, swirls down the plug

But my memories still pump through my heart.


By Carol Cameleon


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Where is the beginning? A poem on chakra meditation

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Where is the beginning?

What’s at the beginning?

It all starts at the root,

When we’re not grounded,

Branches can’t develop their shoots.


Our branches need feeding

With healthy, wholesome foods,

If not they imbalance

And affect our moods.


When we work from the bottom

And end up at the top,

We have spinning wheels, or

‘chakras’ which never stop…


Want to feel peaceful and calm?

Meditate daily, don’t be shy,

And your friends they may comment,

Share the love, tell them why…


…Why you’re feeling grounded

And rooted, like a tree to the earth.

Why those positive thoughts and good food

Give a sense of self-worth.


…Why you’re feeling creative

Bursting with thoughts and ideas,

As they ebb and flow like the water,

Eroding your fears.


…Why your ego’s not ‘pumped up’,

You’re calm and ‘together’,

You don’t listen to the bad things,

You don’t need ‘lucky heather’.


…Why your breathing’s steady and easy

While your heart pumps fresh air,

Pure and cleansed through your body,

To keep you alert and ‘all there’.


…Why you’re feeling expressive

And you’re speaking your mind,

Being open and clear,

It’s the best way, you will find.


…Why your sixth sense is open,

It’s your third eye, you see.

Is your perception of reality

With them or with ‘me’?


…Why your crown’s like a flower,

Its stem’s like your spine,

A petal for each chakra

Now you’re upright and ‘aligned’.


Now you’re beginning to see

What your thoughts can do,

Breathe slowly, be mindful

That it all starts with you.

By Carol Cameleon


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